Video Consultations

Regret that Dr Davies’s private patient caseload is full at present and he is not booking for new private patients. Dr Davies’s secretary works 9am-2pm.

We hope to resume face-to-face appointments and new patient appointments  in Spring 2021.

Dr Davies offers appointments by videocall using Zoom or Whatsap.

Online Psychiatry appointments have been used in New Zealand and Australia for some time, but have only recently caught on in the UK.

Many people find this convenient, but it is not suitable for everyone. Your consultation will still be confidential in the same way as a consultation in person. Dr Davies does not record consultations (if you wish to record the consultation yourself, please make this clear from the start).

If you are not familliar with the technology, it is best to try it out first. You will need a fast internet connection or a good wifi connection.  You may want to limit other equipment using your wifi at the time of your appointment.

You will need a smartphone/tablet,  or a computer/laptop which has a webcam and microphone. Using a headseat will make your consultation more private.

Try to find a bright, quiet room. If you can, arrange not to have interruptions during your apointment – eg children, pets, other phones.

Position the camera to show the upper half of your body including your hands – the doctor will want to know see your posture,  whether you look tense, are restless, have a tremor or are in discomfort. Sitting at a desk or dinning table with your hands on the table works well, but choose a chair that you will be comfortable in.

If using a ‘phone or tablet, prop it up on something, rather than try to hold it.

Finally, if you are using Health Insurance, remember to check that your insurer will cover a consultation by this method.



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