Conditions Seen by Dr Davies

Regret that Dr Davies’s private patient caseload is full at present and he is not booking for new private patients. Dr Davies’s secretary works 9am-2pm.

We hope to resume face-to-face appointments and new patient appointments  in Spring 2021.

Dr Davies is experienced in all aspects of Adult Psychiatry. Here are some of the conditions that people seek help about.

This is condition is characterised by problems with attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. If a person has ADHD, it will almost always be present from chldhood, but sometimes it is not picked up until adulthood – especially if the problem is more inatentiveness than hyperactivity. Sometimes adults with ADHD are able to concentrate on tasks they find stimulating, but have difficulty staying focused on more mundane activities. Often people with ADHD develop problems with anxiety and depression, or start to use street drugs.  Medication can be very effective for ADHD in adults. Almost always, medication requires specialist input (and Dr Davies can issue private prescriptions for the condition). Usually a GP will take over prescribing when the patient is on an effective dose of the right medication (but check with your GP). Dr Daves uses a standardised semi-structured interview, the DIVA, in diagnosising ADHD.  Please note that this requires a longer consultation, and different charges apply,  and you should check if  your insurer will cover this (request a neurodevelopmental assessment). Also, remember that a pharmacy will charge for privately prescribed medication.


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