Private Patients

Limited appointments for new patients are available by video consultations using Whatsap or Zoom. Dr Davies’s secretary works 9am-2pm.

We hope to resume face-to-face appointments and new patient appointments  in Spring 2021.


Psychiatry Private Outpatient Appointments – Dr Davies sees adults with conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, stress/burn-out and ADHD / ADD. He is also able to see people with alcohol problems that occur in conjunction with a Psychiatric disorder. He has particular experience in Psychiatric aspects of physical disease and physical trauma.

Dr Davies is registered with a number of insurers such as AXA-PPP, AVIVA, Vitality Health, Exeter Friendly, WPA, Cigna and Benenden. If you are using your health insurance, we suggest that you check your level of cover, as we will need you to make good any shortfall for your appointment fee. Self-funding patients are welcome. A referral from your GP is needed for a new patient appointment.

A new private patient Psychiatry appointment lasting up to one hour costs £260.00. Usually, a letter would be sent to your GP outlining treatment recommendations. You are welcome to have a copy of the letter yourself. A follow-up appointment lasts up to 30 minutes and the cost is £150. Normally Dr Davies would not usually see people for more than a couple of follow-up appointments.

Assessments for neurodevelopmental disorders  (ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder) normally take longer, and the fee is £450.00. Please ask your insurer to agree this with you in writing.

Employment or personal injury reports are charged according to a separate structure.

Usually it is best if your GP prescribes all your medication. Dr Davies will write to your GP with reccomendations, with your permission. Dr Davies may be able to issue a short term private prescription (but would need to let your GP know). There is a £20 private prescription fee. The pharmacy will also charge for medication dispensed on a private basis.

Private patient appointments are normally held at Bridgend, but are taking place online currently.

Please note that Dr Davies provides scheduled outpatient Psychiatry clinic appointments only. He does not provide urgent or emergency private appointments, crisis intervention, home visits or out-of-hours care. If you require any of these, please contact your GP. Also, Dr Davies does not provide private Psychiatric inpatient treatment.

“There are many reasons that patients choose to receive private healthcare, one of which is the ability to access healthcare much more quickly than the current waiting times for NHS treatment… Other reasons for choosing private healthcare include the flexibility for patients to choose when and where they receive treatment, to choose which consultant or specialist provides their care and the ability to seek a second opinion on treatment advice received through the NHS”
Report by Auditor General Wales, Wales Audit Office, February 2016 ‘A Review of the impact of Private Practice on NHS Provision’.


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